1. SharePoint is not a “Fire and Forget” Software. SharePoint needs constant attention and care. This is not a program that can be installed and then left alone if your company wants to use SharePoint successfully. Your SharePoint Administrator handles everything from minor help-desk support issues to large scale development projects.
  2. File and Folder Recovery. Deleting something accidentally is a problem that happens to the best of us. Luckily your SharePoint administrator is there to save the day and recover anything from your site pages to important documents. Just think of how many times your SharePoint admin saved your job!
  3. Workflows, Workflows, and Workflows. Creating workflows manually in SharePoint takes up the majority of your admin’s time, epecially if you are not using an Infopath Alternative like Turbo. The coding alone can take over 100 hours to develop correctly. The efficiency these workflows provide to every department make your admin’s skill set extremely valuable.
  4. Form Creation. Just like SharePoint workflows, form creation takes up a large chunk of your admin’s time. Without these forms, your lists and libraries would not run properly causing major bottleneck issues for your company. Thanks to the dedication of your admin, your SharePoint interface can be highly customizable.
  5. Handling Constant Requests “I need A, now I need x, why doesn’t B do this?” Unfortunately these are common phrases your admin hears hourly. All superheroes understand that solving constant requests is a necessity to keep a team (or SharePoint site) safe. SharePoint Admins jump on fixing issues in lightening speed and can process requests quickly in order to keep your SharePoint running smoothly.
  6. The Lone Wolf of Support. SharePoint administrators are often the only support team a company relies on. They are your help-desk, developer, and graphics support team. Give them a hug!
  7. Enforce Ethical Policies. What would SharePoint look like without a dedicated employee in charge of keeping the site and data clean? A giant mess. Your admin understands the importance of maintaining ethical policies and procedures in SharePoint.
  8. Intranet and Extranet Guru.The SharePoint admin is an expert in all things SharePoint. Love thy Admin.
In conclusion, do not take your SharePoint Administrator for granted, they are amazingly resourceful people working in a very technical area.