Don’t build a great looking Intranet without thinking about the actual screens your knowledge workers are going to be using to access your site.

No one would bother inventing a black and white only television screen today.  In the same way, creating an intranet that is not highly responsive, and that does not work properly on smartphones or tablets is futile.

What is a Responsive SharePoint Intranet?

For Enterprises developing Intranets with SharePoint, it is imperative that their sites look great and work well on mobile.

Work is becoming increasingly virtual and increasingly mobile, so if your Users cannot access the valuable resources (via your Intranet) that they need to do their work efficiently from a remote position, then you are going to see their productivity drastically decrease.

A responsive SharePoint Intranet is one that works and functions well on a screen of any size. As you can see from the image below, smartphones, tablets and desktops have very different screen sizes and shapes.  The mobile screen is the shape of a typical door and yet your desktop screen is a wide landscape.

So the question is how to you design and develop an Intranet that works well and looks great on such different devices?


Responsiveness isn’t a native feature within SharePoint. Read on, and I will give you a really great tip on how you can make this happen without hours and hours of costly coding and development.

The Giant Problem Of A Lack of Responsiveness?

When you think about the phrase “responsiveness” and you think about it in terms of typical human relationships, you will intuitively  understand that it is extremely difficult to have a relationship with an unresponsiveness person?

This is exactly the issue you will have if your SharePoint Intranet or Website is not responsive. The relationship that your users have to your Intranet will be extremely difficult; when relationships are too difficult people tend to leave (unfortunately sometimes) and look for something else.

If your Intranet or Website doesn’t make the work lives of your users significantly better then you are almost certainly going to suffer from a lack of use and user adoption issues.

Take A Giant Leap andMake your Site Responsiveness 

While many large enterprises are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months, branding and stylizing their own Intranets there is a much more efficient solution.

At Emgage, we’ve worked really hard to develop a product called Prime that sits on top of SharePoint and makes your Intranet Responsive instantly without the unnecessary and painful sweat of in-house development.

In the 21st century, you must be mobile with your Intranet, it must be highly responsive and dynamically powerful… but it doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

See Prime from Emgage…. they give free Demos