Collaborative technologies for knowledge workers

Technology that works is bought to you by Emgage Inc, the employee engagement specialists and Industry Leaders whose products Prime and Turbo, significantly solve big work problems.

“Collaborative Technologies built to empower the Knowledge Worker”

Why We Exist

We exist to make work more efficient, more productive and more rewarding. Our focus is based around developing collaborative technologies that empower the knowledge worker, helping them to solve real work problems.

As consumers, we are all used to engaging with super-intuitive software products and tools from companies like Apple, LinkedIn and Facebook. And yet the moment we enter our office we are often confronted with business solutions that lack the same level of intuition and ease of use. Why is it so easy to update a consumer site or social media channel and yet so frustrating difficult to post a transaction to your accounting system? At Emgage. we’re in the business of making Enterprise software simple and easy to use.

Interestingly, the problem of poor business software stems from how others go about making such collaborative technologies. Ironically, while trying to create the best collaborative software possible, developers, stakeholders, management and end users are often segregated and don’t understand each other. At other times we get lazy and recycle what worked in the past without questioning if it fits our new needs and paradigms. By the time software is delivered we realize that our requirements have changed but the software is too brittle to flex with these changes. The result is an unintuitive and ineffective software that frustrates users and hurts business productivity.

We believe it is your right to work with business software that does not frustrate and is delightful to use.

Businesses shouldn’t have to suffer from decreased employee productivity, simply because they have business applications that do not understand the knowledge workers’ needs and how they work. The best collaborative technologies are able to change with you, adapting to solve new problems in creative ways.

Collaboration software
It is time to lead?

And this is our mission, to drastically improve how organizations create and use collaboration software. Our commitment to this purpose is expressed in our Business Software Bill of Rights as a promise to each and every one of our customer.

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