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The Top 4 Ways to Decrease SharePoint Costs

Using SharePoint throughout your enterprise can be a very costly business. Having to adapt the technology constantly as your work demands rapidly change is an expensive and time consuming business.  Below are 4 ways in which you can decrease your SharePoint costs this year.

Top 4 Ways to Decrease SharePoint Costs

  1. Integrate Everything into SharePoint:  Don’t have your development team spending time (and resource) on simple marketing tasks like hosting and streaming videos when this can easily be done within SharePoint using a third party app.

  2. Make sure SharePoint is available on any mobile device: It seems like every two minutes a new tablet or smartphone is developed. Let’s face it, SharePoint isn’t exactly the easiest or quickest to install in order to meet this demand. The good news is that there are a few solutions out there that save your Dev team hours and offer an easy installation process. Installing a third party service will decrease SharPoint costs and reduce the amount of time it can take to install SharePoint on each mobile platform.
  3. Branding your Intranet: These can be three of the deadliest words heard by your Development team, however, we all know how much branding increases user adoption.  SharePoint has its issues, but when employees adopt it – productivity dramatically increases. Before the end of this year, look into third party services that will help save development time and SharePoint costs by offering no coding required solutions.
  4. Find an InfoPath alternative:  We all know that Microsoft is discontinuing InfoPath, and many developers are thinking about InfoPath Alternative solutions. Even though InfoPath client applications will be supported until 2023, it’s important to do your research now. Do not just think about an Infopath Replacement but instead think about an InfoPath improvement.  What products are there out there that offer you, a much more flexible solution to common work problems?

In Conclusion

Hiring consultants and working with developers may not be the most efficient way to build out your SharePoint Intranet and solve major work problems in 2016.  One of our goals at Emgage is to create flexible, highly customizable product and service solutions that allow you to significantly reduce your SharePoint this year. To get a demo of our products contact us here.

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Top 8 Reasons Your SharePoint Administrator is a Superhero.

  1. SharePoint is not a “Fire and Forget” Software. SharePoint needs constant attention and care. This is not a program that can be installed and then left alone if your company wants to use SharePoint successfully. Your SharePoint Administrator handles everything from minor help-desk support issues to large scale development projects.
  2. File and Folder Recovery. Deleting something accidentally is a problem that happens to the best of us. Luckily your SharePoint administrator is there to save the day and recover anything from your site pages to important documents. Just think of how many times your SharePoint admin saved your job!
  3. Workflows, Workflows, and Workflows. Creating workflows manually in SharePoint takes up the majority of your admin’s time, epecially if you are not using an Infopath Alternative like Turbo. The coding alone can take over 100 hours to develop correctly. The efficiency these workflows provide to every department make your admin’s skill set extremely valuable.
  4. Form Creation. Just like SharePoint workflows, form creation takes up a large chunk of your admin’s time. Without these forms, your lists and libraries would not run properly causing major bottleneck issues for your company. Thanks to the dedication of your admin, your SharePoint interface can be highly customizable.
  5. Handling Constant Requests “I need A, now I need x, why doesn’t B do this?” Unfortunately these are common phrases your admin hears hourly. All superheroes understand that solving constant requests is a necessity to keep a team (or SharePoint site) safe. SharePoint Admins jump on fixing issues in lightening speed and can process requests quickly in order to keep your SharePoint running smoothly.
  6. The Lone Wolf of Support. SharePoint administrators are often the only support team a company relies on. They are your help-desk, developer, and graphics support team. Give them a hug!
  7. Enforce Ethical Policies. What would SharePoint look like without a dedicated employee in charge of keeping the site and data clean? A giant mess. Your admin understands the importance of maintaining ethical policies and procedures in SharePoint.
  8. Intranet and Extranet Guru.The SharePoint admin is an expert in all things SharePoint. Love thy Admin.
In conclusion, do not take your SharePoint Administrator for granted, they are amazingly resourceful people working in a very technical area.

4 Signs It’s Time To Transform Your Intranet

Your company’s intranet is the backbone of internal collaboration and communication. Does it feel that lately your intranet is becoming more of a burden than a tool for success? If you answer yes to any of these four questions, it may be time to transform your intranet.

Transform your Intranet here


4 Signs It’s Time To Transform Your Intranet

1. Your employees are not using it

An intranet tool can be a powerful problem solving work tool. If you are noticing a decline in the amount of intranet use or if you are struggling to Increase Your Intranet Adoption, then it might be time to update your Intranet. Employees crave a central place to collaborate and your intranet needs to be faster, cheaper and better at helping your end users solve work problems if your are to see value with it.

Tip: Transforming your SharePoint Intranet so that it represents your company’s brand and so that it creates a feeling of community and solidarity between employees. Branded intranets have a 93% increase in internal engagement than non-branded sites.

2. Content is not being shared or sort

If you are noticing a drop in that amount of activity occurring on your intranet, it may be time to give your intranet more personality. And by personality, we’re talking about creating an online portal that is intensesly intuitive and personal, in the way that it remembers and assists the individual end user.

Transform your Intranet in way that means the user does not have to find (search for hours) for the content, the content should find the user.

3. Your interface is not intuitive

Usability is key when convincing employees to engage online. Difficult interfaces can prevent employees from using an intranet to communicate and exchange ideas. Asuccessful SharePoint Intranet is not only a place where centralized documents live, but a place that promotes collaboration and solves important work problems.

Tip:  Use a third party service as a way to save cost and time internally. Find a product that does not require coding to implement, offers responsive design capabilities, and is easy to use matter how much technical experience an employee has under their belt.

4. Mobile device usage is a road block

Enterprise mobility is one of the biggest concerns facing today’s marketplace. Every year different device platforms are created or designed, causing a headache for your company’s IT team. Add in growing popularity of BYOD and anyone can see why enterprise mobility is a trend that is here to stay. You will need to transform your  Intranet if you cannot currently, keep up to speed, employees will not be motivated to use the intranet as a centralized tool.

Tip:  Make sure that you have a responsive mobile intranet that looks good on every device. To be successful, an intranet must be accessible on different device platforms.

In Conclusion

You must make sure that your corporate Intranet doesn’t fall behind, not because you are simply trying to “keep up appearance” but rather because you are trying to compete in a marketplace where efficiency and productivity are paramount.

If you are looking to solve big work problems more efficiently then check out our Turbo product, it is one best and most effective InfoPath alternatives on the market.

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